Mar 022011

The route 410, 4077, 4176, 4070, 4085, 4012, 4095, 4001, 4113, 4243, Hwy 4, 4145, 42, 409

Total distance 387 km

These two were sat outside the 7-11 this morning, perhaps they are used to being fed here

Along the 4077 at N06.16.462 E101.15.043, this is Thum Chan Khuha

A few dogs here following me around

Now to ride this pleasant twisty road

This young lady was very friendly and chatty, mind you I have no idea what she was chattting about

Another one of those communist monuments and this is a new one which wasnt here when I rode here last time

The Khlong Sadao Reservoir

Most of todays ride was in Songkhla province so more evidence of Buddhism here

Another lorry accident, this time on the 4145

The asphalt finishes at N06.46.903 E100.14.630 along the 4145, its a shame it doesnt cross over the mountain then it would be a lovely way back to Satun

On the way back to Yala and a worker out in the field

Dont worry you were on the menu last night, its chicken again tonight

I eat at the chicken stand opposite KFC again, this chicken breast roll was delicious and only 50 Baht, complimented by KFC fries.
Get the gdb file here …

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  1. Hi Colin,
    Great pictures. Thanks for sharing this with everybody. Your tracks are making a big difference on
    A minor correction: the seal ends @ N06 46.903 E100 14.630. There seems to be a typo in the coordinates. Do you re-type these by hand? Why don’t you just send the waypoints directly from the GPS into the GDB file? It’s dead easy with MapSource, which you seem to be using.

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