Mar 012011

The route 410, 3016, 3005, 4176, 4070, 2002, 2005, 4001, 4095, 4085, 4065, 409,

Total distance 276 km

Out on the 410 at Ta Bing Ting Ngi I stop for breakfast, 30 Baht

The owner cruelly left these doughnuts on the table in front of me so it would have been rude not to eat one, only 5 Baht

Out on an unnumbered side road

Now on the 3005 and a new road for me

Its a good surface and lovely views too

This is a funny looking tree

At the top of a hill theres a track to my left that looks like it leads to the border

This looks like the border to me

But no fence or soldiers

I ride in about 100 metes for a look and theres a camp ahead, which side it is I dont bother to find out

Now for some more of the lovely 3005

This is a fairly new surface by the look of it and a pleasure to ride

At N06.16.054 E101.06.829 the surface turns to unpaved

Theres a small waterfall along this section

Its quite easy riding here

At N06.16.668 E101.05.977 after 3 km of unpaved the road returns to this lovely surface

Now on the 2005

The 4001 has slipped since I last rode it two years ago

On the ride back to Yala and its kite flying time

Its up and away

But not for long and its well wrapped around the wires

These people sitting nearby thought it was highly amusing

They get another one up and keep this one well away from the wires

My LP book says this Mosque is one of the tallest buildings in Yala, this is just over the railway line heading towards Pattini, as this is a heavily Muslim populated part of town perhaps I will find a burger around here

Just what I was looking for at N06.33.872 E101.17.626

Only 20 Baht per burger here and as I doubt if the guy has any change its a lot easier to just eat five and give him 100 Baht.
Get the gdb file here …

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