Mar 032011

The route 409, 4072, 4018, 2028, 4085, 42, 4145, 4135, 4287, 406

Total distance 260 km

After four enjoyable nights in Yala it was time to move on, I was a bit apprehensive about staying in Yala because of events in the south but a chance meeting with an Army officer who spoke excellent English put me at ease.

He told me downtown Yala is completely safe and that was where I was staying, eating and doing the internet.

My LP book says it wins lots of awards for being Thailands cleanest city and yes I was impressed by this plus the friendliness of the people there

Along the 409 on a lovely sunny morning just before 8am

Now for a ride along the 42 with its great scenery and twisty bends

A great surface, not much traffic and plenty of these bends

Roadside I see this Chinese place so stop for a look around

On an unnumbered road heading towards Hat Yai

I wonder if its safe flying from here

On the 409 heading to Satun

The river right outside my hotel

I go for a haircut a few doors along from my hotel and they also do Thai massage here so I have that as well, 300 Baht for the 2 hour course, a good massage too.
Its at N06.36.790 E100.03.824

Fish&chips at Ons Restaurant tonight for 220 Baht, not cheap but it was delicious and a generous sized meal.
Get the gdb file here …

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