Feb 282011

The route 410, 3012, 3009, 3048,

Total distance 258 km

I took the 410 south then after about 35 km took a left onto the 3012 to visit the Suk Tha Lai Waterfall

Then I carry on riding along this narrow twisty road hoping to join the 4273

I bet theres a good view from up there

The road turns to dirt and I end up looping back to the 410

I take a left onto the 3009 and ride past the Bang Lang Dam to ride the road that skirts it

This massive reservoir is only 1-2 metres below maximum, with all the rain down here I am surprised that its not overflowing

I see a couple of small waterfalls along this road but they are not easy to get to

A twisty road and good scenery

Theres another one of these communist memorials at N06.03.551 E101.24.019 at Chulabhorn Phattana 9, the one that I visited from Betong was at Chulabhorn Phattana 10, now I only have to find the other 8 of them

Just past the village where this gentleman was resting the asphalt finishes and it turns to a narrow dirt track at N06.03.515 E101.24.155

Like the other village theres a museum here but its also locked and the village is deserted

The view of the reservoir from the village, they will always have water here

I ride back a few km then take a right where its signposted to Tropical Rainforest Nature Study Centre

These are the edible plants but they dont look too appetising to me

Apparently this fella lives here but I dont spot him

I guess this is the Zingiber Spectabile

This ones also noticeable by its absence

Riding back to the dam and this was one seriously twisty road

A shot from above the dam which is behind the trees to the left of the picture

Ridind away from the dam and I get stopped at an Army checkpoint and here I am delayed for at least 30 minutes, these were blackshirts as one of them told me , and whilst they were polite enough they seemed a bit more sinister than the usual Army guys.
The one in charge asked a lot of questions and then finally got a girl on the phone who spoke good English, she said he wasnt satisfied with my answers and wanted to know what I was doing there plus all my movements since I got up this morning.
I was tempted to tell her I started with a bowel movement at about 7.30 but by the time it had been translated that would have been another 30 minutes wasted, plus more if they didnt share my sense of humour.
When I said I had visited waterfalls they wanted to know the names, fortunately I photograped every bit of info so by showing him the photos he was happy and I was on my way

Time was getting on and I decided to visit the Krasaeng Cave at N06.12.839 E101.12.246

This place was completely deserted

Thats it for today as its gone 4pm and its time to ride back to Yala, I didnt get as much done today as I expected so I still have at least another three nights in Yala before its time to move on

I decide I need a pizza so its Pizza Hut for food tonight, a medium pizza is 295 Baht or for 299 Baht these are included so no contest really

This is a chicken supreme and its got New Orleans chicken, smoked chicken and chicken sausage on it as well as the vegetables, I am surprised it doesnt come out with an egg on top in case they think I am lacking in hen produce, but quite a good tasting pizza though

I spot my friend from last night outside so I take the chicken bones and scraps with me for her

This dog is going to be looking for me every night now.
Get the gdb file here …

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