Dec 252009

The route 108, 1103, 4022, 3008, 1087, 106, 1274, 1184, 4010, 1033, 116, Hwy 11

Total distance 407 km

My apologies for this post not appearing yesterday when the ride took place but last night the internet just would not co-operate

I took the 108 to Hot then took a left onto the 1103 and a much more pleasant quieter road

A decent surface plus some good bends

Doi Tao lake

About ten km past Doi Tao I take a right onto the 4022 to try out a new road that I havent ridden before and this sorry looking dog is sitting there

Some good scenery in the background but a little hazy

I like this road

All of a sudden the surface finishes and its still not too hard going

Probably only about four km then I am back on a good surface again

At a t junction I take a right onto the 3008 although its not numbered until I reach its junction with the 1087

This is a brilliant surface with some very good bends along it

At a t junction I take a right onto the 1087 to ride to Mae Ping National Park

At the park entrance I am asked where I am going, I reply Wat Ko Thung which is shown on my map near the reservoir. I am then asked if I am going to the waterfall which I say no to and get let in for free, even better than the Thai price

Kaeng Ko Reservoir

Time to ride back and I run over a large snake but thankfully dont kill it, thankfully I also dont hit a dog today like I did on my previoustrip here

The Rangers daughter at the toll booth

The 1087 is a good fun road

I reach the 106 and turn left onto it then a couple of km later in Li I take a right onto the 1274

This is another enjoyable road

Then its a left onto the 1184 to enjoy this road for the second day running but this time in the reverse direction

A fantastic fun road this one, part way along it I take a right onto the 4010 then take the 1033, 116 and hwy 11 back to Chiang Mai

Its a buffet christmas dinner at the Brownie steak bakery, eat as much as you want for 83 Baht

Right next door to Buonissimo Italian restaurant

Later on in christmas evening and Davidfl insists on buying me a beer at the Kafe, well it would be rude to refuse

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