Mar 092009

The route 401, 4133, 4219, 4015, 4246, 401, 4100, 4247, 41, 401

Total distance 297 km

I took the 401 out of town then just after going under the 41 I took a left onto the 4133 and rode along here enjoying some of the rollercoasters before taking a right onto the 4219

The 4219 is a good twisting road

A bit more traffic than I expected but very enjoyable all the same

The 4219 becomes the 4015 and I ride along here until it meets the 4035, the surface deteriorates as I travel along it, at the 4035 I turn round and ride back then take a left onto the 4246

This is an even twistier road and a very good surface as well

It seems even greener along here, I reach the 401 and turn right onto it for about 20 km then its a left onto the 4100

More of the same, greenery, scenery and bends

Its a fun ride along here then I reach the 4247 and it starts raining hard for about ten minutes, I shelter then continue having turned left onto the 4247

Within another ten minutes it starts pouring down again, this time for about half an hour so more shelter was sought

Its absolutely pissing down out there now

When it finally stops raining I carry on, stopping at the railway station at Khiri Ratnikhom, this small old station only sees two trains a day. Quite what the importance of this place is to have a small railway spur running about 30-35 km to it I dont know

Not much chance of seeing a train running along here as theres only two a day. I was going to carry on riding further north from here but the storm clouds are heading in from the south so I beat a retreat home

Back in town and its the grand opening day of this restaurant today

Its situated down by the river

The boss looks a bit sleepy

The pizza got a bit out of shape but the taste was pleasant enough, thats two places here near to each other that do pizzas, plus Pizza Hut and the Pizza Company here as well.

I have only ever stayed in Surat Thani twice before either on my way to or coming back from Koh Samui and then only an overnight stay. This is my first real ride out around here and its great, Surat Thani is a great base and I have another ride planned for tomorrow and maybe even another one for wednesday

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  1. Hi Captain,
    The railway was eventually planned to reach Phuket. Khiriratnikom is as far as it got. That said, the government have long owned the land to build the entire route. There was talk it would be built in the 1990s. They are still talking about it.

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