Mar 022009

The route4057, 4115, 4217, 4241, 4115, 4057

Total distance 254 km

It was another night of heavy rain here and still raining as I get ready to go out

They must be doing a good trade in umbrellas in this town these last few days

It doesnt matter which way I look its dismal everywhere

Its steady rain as I ride to Waeng on the 4057 and here along the 4115 going to Sukhirin its getting heavier, I didnt put the waterproof liner in the airflow trousers yesterday, only in the jacket so today I try it out, after about 10 km my crotch is soaked, so they are the same as the jacket, not worth a wank as we say in the UK. The liners are okay at keeping the cold wind out but thats about all. I arrive in Sukhirin soaking wet and finding the Muslim restaurant where I wish to eat is closed, I think I must be too early but the guy next door says it doesnt open mondays. I curse but then he explains that the owner sells her food at the market on a monday so I go to try and find it

Found her

Plenty of water and mud here at the market

A nice hot chicken Massaman for breakfast warms me up, while I am stopped here eating the rain also stops and it brightens up a little

I go for a walk or I should say slide around the market

It makes a change from seeing a pigs head I suppose

I get under way staying on the 4115 heading north and riding in the dry for about 15 minutes

This scorpion was crossing the road but had gotten across by the time I stopped and got the camera out

I picked him up with a stick and put him back in the road for another picture but he quickly moved back into the grass, a vicious little bugger he was too, attacking the stick with his pincers plus the tail was bobbing about

I take a left onto the 4217 and ride to Chanae, along here it stops raining and turns into a very pleasant day

The roads are nicely drying out too

I go down some unnumbered side road for a look but it soon turns to a dirt track

I reach the 4241and start to ride back along here then taking the 4115 and the 4057 home. About 25 km before home just as I had nicely dried right out it starts raining heavily again and I arrive back soaked like I started out this morning. Todays trip wraps up this stay in Sungai Kolok so its off to pastures new tomorrow and the beginning of the trip northwards

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