Dec 022008

The Route 220, 2201, 4001, 2328, 2371, 226

Total Distance 347km

I rode down the 220 2201 then the 4001 trying to find two roads that are on my map heading west towards Buachet but no signs of any surfaced roads at all. I take a right onto the 2328

The 2328, good in places, not in others

Its looking drier out here but plenty of water in places

This reservoir is down a bit

Some nice new bits of tarmac in places

This dams certainly full

I am riding along in the middle of nowhere when I see these two pups

Friendly little things but I cant help feeling that they have just been abandoned, there is no signs of life around here

I hope I am wrong and they do have a home

I ride along the 2328 and head for Sangkha

From Sangkha I take the 2371, its pretty straight though

At the junction with the 226 I turn right and ride to Si Saket

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