Mar 142009

The route Hwy 4, 1039, 1025, 1016, 1042, Hwy 4, 1002, 3217, Hwy 4

Total distance 263 km

I took hwy 4 south for a few km then took a right onto the 1039 to ride to the Sing Khon border crossing and not far along here this pretty new building was still being worked on

Lovely bright colours at the moment

As I ride towards the border its showing signs of being a lot drier than I have been used to lately

Its beginning to cloud over now after a sunny start. I ride to the border but there are no facilities to get a visa here, not much here so I turn back

I take a left and head in a northerly direction on various roads, some come to dead ends and I have to backtrack

All the while its great scenery out here though

The wind starts blowing really strong and it looks like a storm is approaching but somehow I miss it, I keep coming upon wet roads but I manage to stay dry. I reach hwy 4 do a left and ride towards Kui Buri

Just before Kui Buri I take a left onto the 1002, theres been some recent rain as the roads are wet

The 1002 isnt much but the scenery makes up for it

I reach the 3217 and turn left to ride to the reservoir at Yang Chum

I was very fortunate today not getting wet, the temperature has really dropped now as well

Just under 1 metre below capacity

I ride to the National Park entrance but dont go in then I take the 3217 back to hwy 4 do a right and ride home

Just before Prachuap Khiri Khan I turn left to ride up to a TV transmitter to get a picture overlooking Prachuap but its not great visibility

Walking around town I see a well suspensioned Honda Dream

Mag wheels, new shock absorbers, forks plus a front disc brake conversion

Its my usual restaurant again tonight, this fine tasting pork pasta dish was only 30 Baht. The owner shows me some nice looking sausages which I say I will try tomorrow but she tells me we are closed on sundays, bugger, oh well theres alway a KFC opposite

The ice cream menu is on display here so one is consumed

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