Nov 272008

The Route 211 2111 2128, 2111, 221

Total Distance 180km

I took the 221 then the 2111 to Khun Han then the 2128 for less than 1km before taking a right to visit the temple

The entrance

I wonder how long this took to build

This wooden shack was just so out of place here

Amazing isnt it

This made me laugh, especially considering the percentage of bottles that once contained alcohol in these buildings

I am not really a temple or wat person but I have to admit really appreciating this today

The crematorium gets the same treatment

And last but not least , the shithouse/toilet/dunny/hong nam, call it what you like, different names for different races

This dog was dead to the world, not even the flash from the camera bothered him

Finally reluctantly wakes up

The same finish in here

Along the 2111

An Isaan farmers family day trip

Today was a very enjoyable trip, I dont know whether seeing all those bottles affected me or not but I enjoyed a big bottle of Leo with the Si Saket boys at dinner tonight, my first beer since I got here

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