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Trip on 7th & 8th september 2008

In early september after a wet summer we had a week of virtually non stop rain, I got rained off of work on wednesday and again on friday. Saturday rained all day again then the forecast was clearing up on sunday afternoon for a couple of days so I decided to take another trip to Wales. I questioned my sanity as I loaded up the Harley with my camping gear and then rode 300+km in the rain, as I crossed over into Wales it stopped raining and actually brightened up a bit, now hopefully those reservoirs will be overflowing

As I rode into the Elan valley this beautiful sight greeted me

Seeing this and getting these pictures which my Mother wanted to see was well worth the discomfort of the long wet journey

I was surprised at how much spray came off of the water

7th september

26th july, theres something really wrong here as the september level should be lower than the july level

Same at the next one

7th september

26th july

The third ones overflowing as well

But not quite there on 26th july

Four out of four so far

A ride further north just past Llanidloes finds the Llyn Clywedog reservoir overflowing as well

26th july

Its time to go back to Brecon to eat a fish&chips dinner then pitch the tent, I spend the coldest night that I have ever known at my usual camp site up in the mountains. No one else is camping there (theyve probably all got more sense) As the sun comes up in the morning I begin to thaw out and decide that september is not a good time to be camping up at this exposed spot, then its a hot breakfast cooked on my stove, about four mugs of coffee then off to visit the last reservoir

Its off to the Llyn Brianne reservoir just north of Llandovery which again is overflowing but unlike all the others down a shute and not so spectacular. I was reading in the paper that this is the highest of this kind in the country and some people were kayaking down the overflow, sod that theres lots of rocks at the bottom

I can think of better things to do than slide down there

Mission accomplished and a ride back home with these great photos which my Mother thought were great as she has never managed to get here when its been overflowing

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