May 182009

One of my camping trips in Wales from last summer

Riding in Wales is similar to the north of Thailand

Nice twisty roads up over the mountains around the Brecon Beacons

Lots of reservoirs around in the Elan valley

They were all just under maximum capacity and I am told to visit in february if I wish to see them overflowing, much as I would like to see it the thought of spending a winter in the UK is a horrifying thought

Millions of these creatures running around though

A little bit of exercise climbing up here for a few photos

Whenever I get two or three days off and the weathers okay I can always be found out around this part of the country, before I discovered Thailand, Wales was always my holiday place

Great scenery and minimal traffic

Due to the abundance of speed cameras in the UK a strategically placed strap is a useful device

Great roads and the Sportster is the perfect bike on them, for me anyway

My own personal camp site

Everything is pure 1970s, the bikes style is from that era but built with todays materials and the tent probably is from the 1970s as I have had it for many years

On a busy weekend there are others who camp here but on occasions I have it totally to myself, a running stream to wash in and wash the cups/pans is all thats required. The nearest people live about 4 km away so no barking dogs, kids or drunks running around, its just perfect

Sunrise and time to get moving

My nearest neighbours

On a three day trip I get to ride loads more of these great roads like this one through the Black mountains

Time to head back to England

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  1. Great stuff again Captain!

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