Mar 112008

The route 102, 101, 1177, 1125, 1124, 1, 1048, 1180, 1196, 1040
Total distance 354 km

I took the 102 out to Si Satchanalai then a right onto the 101and about 15 km later it was a left onto the 1177 which becomes the 1125, all decent roads around here

The 1125 is a nice piece of road

Good quality tarmac all the way to Wang Chin

At Wang Chin I take a left onto the 1124 that goes to Thoen, after a couple of kms I see a sign that says reservoir so I turn right to go see the reservoir, its about 3 metres down on full but quite a few people are here today fishing

I get back on the 1124 and head towards Thoen

For a fair few kms its non stop housing along this road, not the deserted road through forests that I expected it to be, this is another road thats been on my must ride list

After a while it really improves and some decent bends here

Its not a bad road and it takes me to highway 1 at Thoen

I ride about 1 km down highway 1 then its a left onto the 1048

The 1048 is a road that I have ridden quite a few times and one that I never tire of, its good quality all the way through now, the bridge repair work is all finished

Theres a nice long section of these bends along here

I see this fellow too late to stop and run straight over him, its the biggest diameter snake that I have ever run over and I certainly felt it through the bike

I stopped the bike jumped off and pulled the camera out, at first I thought I had killed it as it rolled into a ball but then it straightened out and I could see its blood, the puncture wound is about 35 cm from its nose. It seemed okay posing for this picture but then as I got closer it appeared to get aggressive

To be fair to the snake I guess that if I had just been run over while crossing the road then the person that had run me over came back to photograph me I might get aggressive as well

If I got close it would lift its head and puff up so I backed off a bit thinking it may be a Cobra, can any snake expert out there give it a name

The snake reaches the grass and just takes off very quickly

I carry on towards Sawankhalok and a lorry carrying an elephant comes the other way, what was funny was the elephant was looking out of the side and was waving his trunk across the other side of the road so I had to stop, remove the gloves turn round and follow

As I caught up the elephant turned around again

At least the elephant wasnt aggressive

I ride on to Sawankhalok, stopping at the well hidden 7-11 for water then it was the 1180 for Uttaradit after a while I come to a T junction with the 1196 and I turn right then its a left onto the 1040 which takes me into Uttaradit. The roads from Sawankhalok are okay but its completely flat rice fields everywhere

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