Dec 172008

The Route 1104, 1204, 1214, 1246, 1143, 1296, unknown, 1296, 1086, 1275, 1104

Total Distance 270 km

I headed south out of town on the 1104 then at Tron took the 1204 south and after about 5 km I took a left onto the 1214

Fires burning already

Once the 1214 crosses over Hwy 11 it soon becomes a good road

A nice twisty road with next to no traffic

I turn right onto the 1246 then after about 10 km its a left onto the 1143, about 15 km later its a right onto the 1296

The 1296 is a road that I have had on my must ride list for a long time and today it was finally ridden

Its a good well surfaced fun road

No shortage of corners out here

I see a sign for the Kwainoi Dam and take a left onto an unnumbered road to investigate

Another goody that I ride for the first time today

My Thinknet map shows no reservoir or anything on this road, only a river. This is a very recent construction, certainly newer than my map is

This is the highest that this water has ever been, probably another couple of years before this reservoir is full

When its full my bike would be well under water

I ride back to the 1296, turn left and carry on towards Wat Bot

As I near Wat Bot this brilliant road runs out of steam and becomes just another mere road, but it sure is a worthwhile ride.
I ride through Wat Bot and take the 1086 until I take a right onto the 1275, the roads okay but not fun like the 1296 plus theres an awful lot of traffic on it including buses and coaches. At the junction with the 1104 I turn right and ride back towards Uttaradit

I see what I think is a dead snake in the road and stop to look because I cant see it squashed, suddenly it moves rapidly and I only just get this quick shot of it, its that bugger that moves fast on tarmac again.
Well it was a good day trip out of Uttaradit, I found a couple of decent new roads, a new dam and saw a snake, what more could I ask for

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