Nov 142007
It was the 102 out of Uttaradit heading west to Si Satchanalai, and there a right onto the 101

A few kms out of Si Satchanalai this new bridge is being built, so a new road to try out when its finished

A few kms further on its a left onto the 1177

It was a bit murky and not really hot to start with but pleasant all the same

A further left turn onto the 1125 takes me to Wang Chin

At Wang Chin its the 1023 which takes me to highway 11

The last three photos are from highway 11 just after joining it and heading for Lampang, this section of it is a fine interesting road, it only becomes that horrible concrete thing between Lampang and Chiang Mai

Todays ride was all on good roads and its a couple of days rest now before setting off again

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