Jan 252010

The route Hwy 11, 1045, 1146, 1047, 1239, 1268, 2113, 2195, 4014, 2154, 201

Total distance 321 km

I take hwy 11 north for a few km then its a right onto the 1045, this road is pretty mundane for a while then perks up further along

I like how they have done this

I dont ride up to the top as I have been there countless times before and its not like it will be overflowing today

Leaving the dam the road is now the 1146 and when it reaches the 1047 I turn left and ride to Nam Pat. Here its a right onto the fantastic 1239

I get to ride this road for the second time in three days and thankfully its a dry ride along it today and these bends can be enjoyed a lot more

There is a newish section in the middle where care is needed as theres lots of loose chippings on the surface

This older surface that goes to the 1268 is great

I reach the 1268 and turn right onto it

Everything is colour matched around this house, the dirt, timber supports, house, roof, pile of stones, motorbike and even when the dog ran out it was the same colour as the windows

The 1268 is a thoroughly enjoyable road to ride

Phu Soi Dao Waterfall

Its a lovely warm dry day, at the moment anyway

As I am climbing the hills about twenty km before Na Haeo the cloud really increases and the temperature sharply drops

Its starts raining as I stop for this picture, luckily theres a shelter here so I stay under it

The same picture thirty minutes later as its pissing down now with thunder overhead. I stay here for just over an hour until the rain eases right off. I ride on and the roads are soaking wet for a long way so I definitely did the right thing stopping

The sun comes out and its nice and warm again now

Chang Tok Waterfall

Khing Waterfall, both of these are along the roadside

I reach the 2113 and turn right then take a left onto the 2195 virtually straight away

I really like this road

Now I am riding alongside the Hueng river

You could jump across to Laos from here

There are some potholed bits along the 2195 but by and large its still a great fun road. I take a right onto the 4014 then a left onto the 2154 and this brings me to the 201 about five km south of Chiang Khan, here I do a left and ride to Chiang Khan checking in at the Tong Kong Guest House as usual

A large plate of spicy pork and spaghetti for tonights meal at Tong Kong

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  1. Hi Geoff, I live near Bordon in Hampshire on the edge of the Surrey border.


  2. Hi Colin sorry about the late reply. I am based in Chiang Mai when I come over. Will be Thailand in November for 3 weeks and again in January for about 4.
    When your in UK where are you I’m on the Wirral.

    Ps ping me on my email if need be.

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