Jan 232010

The route Hwy11, 1045, unknown, 1163, 1341, 4001, 1022, 101, 102

Total distance 282 km

Todays trip was to try to find the road that goes across the mountains north of Tha Pla to Phrae. I took hwy11 north for a few km then took a right onto the 1045 and about fifteen km later I took a left onto an unnumbered road

Hopefully those clouds dont drop their contents on me again today

I reach the 1163 and turn left onto it

A few km later just before Tha Pla I take a left onto the 1341

It doesnt take long for this road to come alive, its one that I have never rode before and its a very good find

Great scenery already

The river that I saw earlier to my left now passes to my right and flows on into the Sirikit reservoir

To think that many times I have passed this way and never rode along here before

Another section on maximum zoom through the trees

This roads in good condition and theres just no traffic on it at all

After eighteen km of the 1341 I reach the unmade section, I was hoping for more asphalt first though

Its a flat compact surface and not hard going

The scenery just gets better though

Unlike yesterday its a warm sunny day today

Exactly five km later its back to asphalt again

As I am climbing higher up I can see the Sirikit reservoir to my right

Its great riding along here today

After 5.5 km the road is now numbered the 4001 and I expect it to turn to unmade at any time, the surface isnt so good now

But the scenery never tails off

After two km the long unmade section starts

Not far along and this guy is tending to the crops

The clouds getting a bit lower

The tracks still pretty easy going

Theres some buildings here

Which are now deserted but were accommodation for officials at one time going by the information in the deserted office

The higher I climb the better the views of the Sirikit reservoir

I am possibly at the highest point that I can get to by road now

The views from the top of the world where I am standing today

Its beginning to look a little more like rain now

Looking to the west there is nothing but mountains as far as I can see. I believe I am probably the first gt-rider to ride this road as I am sure that it would have been written about before otherwise as its an awesome experience up along here

I ride along a bit further and this sheds here with a notice on it

At the entrance to this place

Can somebody please tell me what this says

Now its started raining and I reach a very short piece of concrete road

A bit further on and the rains stopped and I find this building with both a metal roof and sides

Theres an old calendar laying around outside but its a few years out of date

The surface is still mainly flat and if/when it ever gets surfaced it will be an even better fun ride

I finally meet some real live people up here as up to now I have only seen the one person

Notice the knobbly tyres on the Honda Dream

Table and chairs further along, but for whom?

Its looking brighter now

I reach a couple of shacks and the dogs rush out to greet me

I wonder whats the meaning of the two effigys either side of the road

The kettles on but I didnt bring any coffee with me, some electrical items on the chair and I do notice solar panels in places up here in the mountains

Plenty of different animals around here today

I notice the legs are tied

The Phantom coped perfectly well with todays trip but a motard would be the dogs bollocks up along here

Its brightened right up now and its very warm again

I wonder what that is in there

After a thirty nine km offroad ride which was good fun I reach the 1022 which is where I rode to in the opposite direction from Nan two days ago

I ride along the 1022 until I reach the 101 and turn left onto it, what a horrible road this is, its a four lane concrete highway thats extremely unpleasant until I come to the left turn that is hwy11 to Uttardit. Now the 101 is just a normal asphalt road and I carry on towards Lampang, when the road splits I take the left and I stay on the 101 to ride to Si Satchanalai

Its funny, usually I love this scenic road, but after what I have rode today it just seems so bland

Just before I reach Si Satchanalai I ride across the new bridge that was being built on my last visit and I see that the Yom river is very low indeed. I ride on and take a left onto the 102 and back to Uttaradit after a fantastic days riding that went a lot better than expected. Todays trip across the mountains could be done on most bikes without too much trouble, hopefully somebody else will give it a try as believe me its well worth riding

I eat at the Inter restaurant and have a buffet for 120 Baht

Theres lots of other dishes at this one

Even chicken and chips, plus it also includes ice cream

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  1. Hi Captain, didn’t realise you were such a prolific contributor to the exploration of the Golden Triangle!!
    Great and very detailed trip report which I’m sure others will follow.
    Wish I was there myself as I would surely be tempted…
    My Son hired a D-Tracker when we were in Chiang Mai a year ago and loved it! I hired a Honda Super Four again which had tyres that felt like they were covered in grease.
    Keep up the good work (I’m sure you will).

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