Mar 122008

The route 119, 1203, 11, 1045, 1146, 1047, 1239, 1212, 1239, 1268, 1047, 11, 1203, 119

Total distance 386 km

I took the 119 from Uttaradit out towards highway 11 then a left onto the 1203 which took me to highway 11 it was a left onto it here for a few kms then a right onto the 1045

Once you get past the turning for Tha Pla the 1045 quietens down and is a pleasant road to ride

A good quality surface and some decent bends make this a good road

I stay on here until I turn left to visit the Sirikit Dam

A good flow on the river today, obviously plenty of electricity is being generated

I have never seen the water this low here before

I make my way back to the main road and take the 1146 towards Nam Pat

This is another well surfaced bendy road that is only about 10 kms long before it meets the 1047, at the junction I turn left and ride on to Nam Pat

At Nam Pat I turn right onto the 1239

This has been resurfaced since I last rode here and for about 8 km its a perfect smooth surface and the 1239 is a very twisty road the entire length

I take a right onto the 1212 which goes to Ban Phai

Its not a particularly fast riding road but its okay

23 km later I come to the end at Ban Phai and its time to go back

I get back to the 1239 and turn right and enjoy some more of this very twisty road

Even this old surface is very good, its well surfaced and very bendy from end to end

At the junction with the 1268 its a left and on towards Ban Khok

Another good quality road with some bends as well

North of Ban Khok I stop to admire this

A bit of shade to sit under but very pretty as well

Finally I get to the brilliant 1047, the highlight of the day, the best road in the area and I get to ride the entire 144 km length of it

I like to ride this road as often as possible no excuse is needed its a great road, a good quality surface plus great bends

Apart from a couple of towns and a few villages its out in the open with not much traffic and it can be ridden fast with no worries, the surface is completely free from any rubbish

This is the stretch between Nam Pat and Uttaradit, just brilliant

If it wasnt for the fact that it was 17.30 when I got back to highway 11 I could have turned around and rode it again its that good, the last few kms before highway 11 are rice fields and now the rice is still low the fields are full of water which really lowers the temperature plus no smoke and everything is so fresh.

This is a good day trip out of Uttaradit, the 1212 excursion could be chopped off as there really is nothing worth going there for and it would probably save nearly an hour, apart from that a good ride on some very good roads

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