Nov 102008

The Route Hwy 11, 1047, 1244, 1245, 1143, 2013, 2331, 2372, 203, 2014, 2013, 2399, 4014, 2154, 201

Total Distance 395 km

It was an early start this morning, I went for a short ride at 7.45 to warm the bike up then went to the Honda dealer next to my hotel for the 1000km service, 20 minutes later and only costing 120 Baht I was on my way
I took my usual route to Nakhon Thai then took the right onto the 2013 for a few kms until I came to the 2331 and took this (new for me) road

A very pleasant start it was too, I was hoping for a long twisting road of this quality

Not far along and I spot this unusual looking building

I start to ascend the hills and the scenery is great, upon arrival at the National park gates I am asked for 200 Baht, I explain that I wish to ride to Lomkao and expected it to be the same as Doi Inthanon that its a through road. The Ranger showed me the prices so I showed him my Thai drivers licence and the fee was dropped to 40 Baht. Is this correct or if you only wish to pass through should there be no charge?

Its a very enjoyable ride both with the scenery plus the road is fun too at first, near the top the road is good in places but shyte in others, its also quite windy and chilly up here

I exit the other end of the park and stop at a view point, this looks nice but as I get there it has to be ridden carefully as the road surface alternates between good and bad very quickly

The scenery is very good for a long while adequately making up for the lousy road surface

At the T junction I turn left onto the 2372 and ride into Lomkao, here its a water stop at my favourite shop then its the 203 until I take a right onto the 2013 for Dan SAi, this is another stretch of road that I havent ridden before

The 2013

One thing I noticed today was the lack of gasohol available from Lomkao to and including Dan Sai, I had to wait until the PTT in Phu Ruea to find any. From here I took my usual route to Chiang Khan

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