Mar 142008

The route 102, 101, 1201. 1305, 1113, 12, 1, 105

Total distance 252 km

I took the 102 out to Si Satchanalai then a left onto the 101 followed by a quick right onto the 1201 which becomes the 1305. I come to a crossroads where left and right is the 1294, I go straight over and this is the 1113, its an okay road but not exciting

After the crossroads with the 1048 it becomes a much better surface and its a lot wider now as well, but unfortunately its a straight flat road

Its pretty much rice along here

I dont know what happened here but there is a bend in the road, its the only one on this decent wide section. At the crossroads with the 1056 the road narrows to the same as the first section out of Si Satchanalai and the surface is not top grade either. I ride on until I meet highway 12, here I turn right and ride through to Tak. To start with the surface is good, I then come to a new section that has no lines painted yet and then its a long section under construction and its a real shitty dusty ride along here. I am happy to finally reach the junction with highway 1, here I turn left and ride for a few kms until I take the right onto the 105

At last I am on a decent interesting piece of road

The 105 never fails to excite, its got lots of sharp curves, a decent surface and some seriously steep hills

The only road that I really enjoyed today

Todays journey was pretty crap, I have never travelled between Uttaradit and Mae Sot before and if I do it again it will be a different route thats for sure. Highway 12 is best avoided full stop, there is a long good section of it heading east a fair few kms east of Phitsanulok that goes through the hills but apart from that bit steer clear of it

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