Nov 092008

The route 102, 1043, Hwy 11, 1045, 1163

Total distance 213km

I took the 102 west towards Si Satchanalai then after about 5km took the 1043 to the right

I have only ever been along here once before and later in the season, its a much greener more pleasant ride along here today

The workers hard at it, at first I thought they were resting but no they are working

We had a few hours of really heavy torrential rain here last night and I guess this is the result

Mae Plu waterfall

I walk part of the way up but cant be bothered with the last bit

I read in the paper a week or so ago about a flood here after lots of heavy rain and the debris suggests it was up a good way.
I ride back through Uttaradit then go north on Hwy11 for a few kms then turn right onto the 1045

The 1045, this is always a pleasant road and this takes me to the Sirikit Dam

I have never seen the water being discharged from the dam this colour before, plus theres no water movement

Heres the reason why, I have never been here on a sunday before and neither have I ever seen it like this. I guess being early sunday afternoon the demand for electricity is not so high

The water level is high, I dont have the enthusiasm to walk the entire length of the dam to see how far from the top of the overflow it really is

I ride back towards Uttaradit then take a right onto the 1163 and ride past Tha Pla to the reservoir, I dont know where the electricity is supposed to be going though

There is a gap to get onto the dam crest and I ride along for a couple of kms until I reach a locked gate so its a u turn

I must return here before I go home to see how much lower the water is then

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