Jan 242010

The route 1040, 1204, 1214, 1246, 1143, 1296, 2015, 4028, 11431246, 1214, 1204, Hwy11

Total distance 305 km

We had a good spell of rain in Uttaradit last night so it was nice and fresh this morning with a fair few puddles about. I took the 1040 out of town then took a right onto the 1204 to Tron then a left onto the 1214

Hundreds of ducks in this field. Back in the nineties I stayed at a Thai friends house out in the wilds north of Suphanburi and the family had hundreds of ducks in the harvested rice fields, it was amazing finding duck eggs here there and everywhere, and they are very tasty too

Some mountains in the background, I ride to Thong Saen Khan then take a right onto the 1246

Then a left onto the fantastic 1143

This is one of the great roads around here

I take a right onto the 1296 towards Wat Bot

Lets go see how the Kwainoi dam is filling up, with a name like that it should be in Kanchanaburi province

After 14.3 km I take a left onto the 2015 although the number doesnt appear on the km markers at this end, only a lot later on

Plenty of water being released today and the smell of sulphur is quite strong here

Theres a lot more water in the dam than I expected there to be

This reservoir has certainly filled up quickly in one wet season, the water level has already gone down since the rain stopped

December 2008

December 2008

I ride down to what I assume is the hydropower plant, the stench of sulphur is overwhelming right here

The electricity supply looks like its coming in and I cant see any evidence of electricity being produced. Is this purely a dam for irrigation purposes I wonder?

December 2008

Those two red lines are 2.5 metres apart so I estimate that the water level has dropped 3.5-4 metres already

The tremendous pressure that the water is coming out at is certainly producing some spray and turbulence in the river

I wonder what he wants to do when he grows up

I leave the reservoir and ride on, just down the road there ia a roundabout with this monument in the middle of it

Theres some good bends in this road now and last year I only rode to the reservoir then turned back so today is my first ride along this section

Then I come to an unmade section, theres a few of these minor roads around here that are red lines on my Thinknet map which means that they could be asphalt, dirt or a mixture of both

Following a lorry along here is not much fun I can assure you

3.2 km later its thankfully back to asphalt

And some more good bends

I have rode quite a few km since the dam but I can still see the reservoir

Zoomed right in, it must cover a fair area

I cross a river that flows into the reservoir, its the only one that I see going in that direction

Two old bridges crossing this river

It doesnt look like either of them get much use nowadays, certainly not the middle one

There was a feature on how long nature would take to reclaim the planet if mankind just vanished, a year or so ago. It was frightening the speed at which all trace of us would disappear, looking at these bridge pictures I fully understand

I carry on riding along this pleasant road until I am about ten km from reaching hwy 12 then I take a left onto the 4028 signposted to Chat Trakan, this is another road that is not numbered at this end on the km markers

Its asphalt for 1.2 km then becomes unmade and as its another red line on my map I have no idea of whats ahead

Its not too hard going and the scenery is good enough thats for sure

After 8.7 km of dirt its back to asphalt again, but only for 2.3 km. I notice that the asphalt is in the villages, perhaps this is the dust free roads program that was reported on recently

Quite a pleasant looking house, I expected this road to be mainly deserted but theres countless villages all the way along

Its quite a pleasant ride, I come to some road widening and theres a sign saying that asphalt will be done here, so in a year or so perhaps most of this road will be asphalt, it will be a good little track then

I cross a river and I reckon its the same one that I crossed on the 2015

I reach asphalt and its like this now for the fifteen km back to the 1143

Some good decent bends too

I reach the 1143 between the km 40 and km 41 markers, I turn left onto it and ride back to Uttaradit the same way that I left after enjoying two new fun roads today

Its the New York Steak House for tonights meal, owned and run by a German called Klaus

Six minute pork steaks and fries for 120 Baht plus 50 Baht for the extra fries

Put together and 170 Baht for this tasty filling meal

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