Dec 192010

The route Hwy 11, 1214, 1246, 1143, 1296, 2036, 2015, 4028, 1245, 1244, 1047, 2022

Total distance 267 km

At last the weather appears to be back to normal and today I was able to ride without wearing a pullover and tracksuit bottoms on under my airflow gear, plus the waterproof liners came out as well, in fact todays temperature was just perfect riding weather

I took hwy 11 south for about 15 km then a left onto the 1214

Lots of brown water flowing today and this small reservoir is overflowing

Now on the 1143 and what a fun road this is

I take a right onto the 1296 towards Wat Bot

Then at N17.14.170 E100.20.139 I take a left onto an unnumbered road that later on becomes the 2036/2015

Theres a good flow coming out from the Khwae Noi Bamrungdan Dam

After 12 km I stop at N17.11.353 E100.25.229, this is where you park at the entrance to the dam, no vehicles are allowed in but its okay to walk

This wet season saw it filled to capacity from nothing in only three wet seasons

The level in january 2010 was a lot lower

In december 2008

I climb to the top of the tower for these aerial views of the reservoir

Last year I rode my bike in the back way through the National Park but it was an awkward ride, now its probably impossible.
I rode from the road on top of the dam across to what is now an island in the left of the picture, it doesnt look like its possible to do it again now

The security guard here walks around with me chatting away, I dont know much of what he is saying but I gather from him that these have a nasty sting

I rode across that in january, I dont think I would even want to risk it on foot now

December 2010

January 2010

December 2008

Theres lots of posters promoting this place

Time to ride on enjoying the 2036/2015 and the short unmade section has been completed so its now asphalt all the way to where I turn off

The Khwae Noi river that I cross over is well up on a year ago and obviously here its now part of the reservoir

In january 2010 it was still flowing along

The old road is completely submerged now and a month or two ago when the dam was completely full the old suspension bridge would have been under water too

January 2010

I dont fancy trying the old bridge out today

I walk a way across the suspension bridge for some photos

Walking across here when its submerged wouldnt be a very good idea either seeing as how some of the boards are missing

After 52.4 km at N16.57.961 E100.35.776 I turn left onto the 4028

On januarys ride it turned to dirt after 1.2 km but today its a new asphalt surface for a reasonable way

The rubber tappers busy at work

Its this lovely surface for 15.6 km

Then at N17.05.321 E100.34.866 its an unsurfaced road

But not too hard going

I cross the Khwae Noi river again and a bit more water here than in january 2010

December 2010

January 2010

After 9.3 km of unpaved its back to asphalt at N17.09.567 E100.34.238.
I stop a few km later in a village for some photos

Then its on along this nice twisty road back to the 1143 and after 19.1 km of asphalt I reach the 1143 at N17.15.494 E100.33.560

I stop for a break at a scenic spot along the way

It looks like the shelter got damaged since my last visit

A refreshing bit of colour here

The lovely bendy 1143

From here its a pleasant scenic ride home to Uttaradit

A buffet at the Inter tonight for 140 Baht at N17.36.552 E100.05.056

It includes the all important ice cream.
Get the gdb file here …

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