Apr 212009

The route 102, 1046, 1196, 1180, 1048, 1113, 1056, 1327, Hwy12, 1107, 1175, 105

Total distance 403 km

I took the 102 out of town for a couple of km then took a left onto the 1046, just rice fields out along here

Ploughing for the next crop

Along the 1327 and a cow appears from nowhere, runs across the road then runs along it, luckily nothing was about at the time and I was a fair distance away

I reach hwy 12 and turn right onto it, last time I rode here there were lots of roadworks and it was very dusty, today its all finished and it was a pleasant ride

At Tak I take the 1107 to visit the Bhumibol Dam

The lowest that I have ever seen this water

A long way down from the maximum

They couldnt release any water even if they wanted to as the water level is well below the sluice gates

Now its the 1175 to ride over the mountains to Mae Ramat

Its an excellent road to start with

Then the surface deteriorates as it goes up into the hills

Getting closer to the 105 the surface improves again, I must explore this road in greater detail somewhen as I noticed a few turn offs today. At the 105 I turn left and ride to Mae Sot

A pizza at SP Kitchen tonight for 140 Baht

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