Dec 182008

The Route 102, 101, Hwy 11

Total Distance 279 km

It was the 102 heading east out of Uttaradit this morning

At Si Satchanalai I turn right onto the 101

Time for a break and a snack that I got from the 7-11

A well surfaced good bendy road is the 101

Good scenery out here too, the 101 is a good fun road all the way to its junction with hwy 11

The machine that was bought brand new on 3rd november and now boasts 12307 km on the clock

At the junction with highway 11 I turn left and ride this to Chiang Mai, highway 11 is a good fun twisting road until it reaches Lampang then its just a boring concrete dual carriageway to Chiang Mai.
This trip started on 8th november and finished today 11783 km later. I rode 11783 km in 41 days and apart from one puncture no mishaps at all, oh and the Honda Phantom did a fantastic job

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