Mar 222010

The route 102, 1046, 1196, 1180, 1195, 1308. 1113, Hwy 12, Hwy 1, 105

Total distance 281 km

First stop this morning was at Cockpit to try to get an annoying slow puncture finally fixed. It went flat on me going into Buri Ram a week ago today and the Michelin shop that plugged it for me didnt do a very good job and they needed three different dog shyte patches before it was deemed fixed. It lasted for three days before going down with a slight leak from around the dog shyte plug and needed pumping up twice a day during my rides. Cockpit didnt seem to have the dog shyte plugs and instead took the wheel out then burred a large area inside the tyre before glueing an internal patch on. This took over an hour and at times there were three of them doing the job but when the bill came it was for only 80 Baht. Once again thanks Cockpit and it now appears to be fixed

I took the 102 west out of Uttaradit for about five km then took a left onto the 1046, some greenery along here even if it was only rice growing but still better than fires though

Then it was the 1198, 1180, 1195, 1308 and the 1113, all dried up along here

I reach hwy 12 and turn right onto it for a boring seventy km ride to Tak, as the road narrows to single carriageway theres actually a bend in it. Good thing I hadnt nodded off or I would have gone in the hedge. At the junction with hwy 1 I turn left onto it for a few km

Then its a right onto the 105 and once along a few km theres some decent bends along this road

This is more like it and easily the best road that I ride on today, apart from the 105 the journey between these two towns is pretty boring but I rode it purely for the pleasure of riding the 105 from Mae Sot to Mae Sariang tomorrow

Oops I guess this driver didnt enjoy the curves along the 105 as much as I did

Are petrol tankers that safe that they dont explode when on fire?

That stuff leaking out smells like petrol and when I ask I am told benzine, I noticed that none of the recovery workers were smoking

I get into Mae Sot early afternoon so I take a ride to the border and see that the Moei is rather low

A bit further along the Moei away from the bridge

I walk to the middle of the river and its only about 20 cm deep, plus warm water too

Fajitas at Krua Canadian tonight for 140 Baht, hot and spicy too

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