Dec 202010

The route 1047, 1244, 1245, 1214, 1246, 1143, 1237, 1268, 2195, 4014, 2154, 201

Total distance 341 km

A nice early 8am start and out along the 1143 the workers are busy in the fields

A bit of low cloud but its not cold

A shot from the lovely 1143

At Chat Trakarn I take a left onto the 1237

Not far along here I come across this squashed Banded Krait, this was one unlucky fellow as hardly any traffic is on this road even in the daytime and as this is a nocturnal snake it probably got hit by the only vehicle on the road last night

Its very good scenery along here

The 1237 is one fine road

With plenty of curves

Its been two or three years since I last rode along here and I had forgotten just how good it was

At the end of the 1237 I take a right onto the 1268

Not very far along at N17.35.935 E100.54.115 I take a left on a narrow steep concrete road, the road goes up then round in a loop with these buildings at one spot

Brilliant views from up here

Looks like the helicopter is catered for, here its N17.36.913 E100.54.466

I ride up a dirt track and at the top at N17.37.016 E100.54.593 its 1185 metres, I didnt realise I had climbed so high

Up here its siesta time for the workers

More stunning views from up here

I must return here in the future to see how it looks once its finished

Time to ride the steep descent of 2.6 km

Along the 1268 and I have stopped at this shelter before taking cover from the rain, it looks like some extra building work is taking place here now

I stop at the Changtok Waterfall at N17.28.559 E100.58.393

The twisty 1268

Just past it is the Khing Waterfall at N17.28.469 E100.58.548

This sure is one fine piece of road

I reach the Hueang river which is rather brown from recent rains

Theres an awful lot of Monks wandering along the 2195 today

A very friendly little fella

Now its feeding time

The 2195 splits and I take the inland route

Now I am riding along the narrow path to see the Hueang/Mekong confluence

Well I was, landslides have completely blocked the path

The closest I can get to it

I ride up to the big Buddha statue overlooking the confluence at N17.49.148 E101.33.291

The view from the top, from here I ride back along the 2195 until I take a left onto the 4014 at N17.46.320 E101.34.924, 1.5 km later at N1745.749 E101.35.442 I take a left onto an unnumbered road that becomes the 2154 at Ban Klang

I cross the Loei river and meet the 201 at N17.51.175 E101.39.501 after 15.1 km from the 4014

I check in at TongKhong Guest House as usual but its moving in a few days time just up the road, A pasta with pork here tonight for 120 Baht.
Get the gdb file here …

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