Feb 012008
It was straight along the 1090 from Umphang to Mae Sot, it was a nice sunny start so I was looking forward to some better photos then on the way down

This road definitely makes the CNX-Pai road seem straight in comparison

Its a much nicer ride when the sun is shining

Scenery and road wise this is one fantastic journey, perhaps I might even meet a fellow GT-rider out here someday

This animal was very friendly and photogenic

I stopped off at the temporary shelter on the way back and had to find a hole in the barbed wire fence as they dont allow visitors without a valid permit to enter

I met a Burmese man in here who spoke good English, he said that he has been here for two years now, theres another gap in the fence here to get out from after a quick walk around

Despite roads like this I cant remember ever having seen another biker out here, only Thai people on scooters

This picture must surely attract some riding interest, its a very good surface as well with minimal traffic

While I am taking a break and getting this picture I can see the rain sweeping across the hills, its only about ten minutes later when it starts pissing down for an hour and I shelter until it nearly stops

I ride on in light rain for a few kms then it stops for a few more kms but then it rains persistently all the way back to Mae Sot and I am well wet by the time I arrive, thats three out of the last five days that it has rained out here, I thought that it was now the dry season here

I was surprised that this was the only crash I saw today considering the rain.

It was another pleasant ride today despite the rain, hopefully tomorrow will be drier

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