Nov 132012

The Route 1090

Total distance 188 km

A cloudy cool ride out from Umphang and I was prepared for rain along the way but thankfully it stayed dry.
When I was last here there was talk of the coming 7-11, but at the moment it still hasnt happened, the latest is that it will open some time in january

It is starting to brighten up a bit now

Now looking better still

Up in the hills and visibility is good with nice clean air

The KLX and especially the GPS is of interest to these guys

The refuge camp along the way, there are some tracks going off the main road that need exploring but if theres no accommodation between Umphang and Mae Sot that presents a problem

There are times when I am in low cloud but apart from a drop in temperature no problem

The road of countless curves

Back in plenty of time today so a stop off at the Ban Hua Fai reservoir

Not near capacity now

A chilli chicken at the Tea Shop for 35 Baht, it was nice but not particularly hot

Get the gdb file here …

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  1. Thanks very much will take a look at those websites:)

  2. Hi Laura

    The road is in good condition so no problems there but I am not qualified to give you advice on a big bus trip.

    I suggest asking this question on and also on to see what others say about it



  3. Hi im finding it hard to find some info about the road Mae sot to Umphang. Just wondering if a 52 seater bus would be able to travel it? I am doing a tour  next year in dry season and was looking at leaving the bus in Mae sot, but from your photos the road looks pretty good just a little bit curvy? What would your opinion be?? Thanks

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