Jan 312008
I took the 1090 out of Umphang which goes to Palatha

Its a good road all the way with lots of twists and curves

After Palatha its still a tarmac surface for a few more kms then its just an unmade road with loose stones at times, I followed it for a few kms then turned back

I decide to climb Doi Hua Mod, here is my starting point

Are these aerial views of the roads high enough for you David

After 15 minutes of climbing I am beginning to question my sanity

The relative comfort of my bike is now getting a long way away

Ive got to climb up and walk across all of these yet, any chance of someone joining me on my trips and talking me out of doing these daft things, at 50 years of age I need to find something less strenuous to keep me occupied

The next peak to climb

Now its starting to get steep

Now I mainly only have to walk without so much climbing, its not too hot up here. two years ago I climbed up here twice, once in november and again in march. I didnt notice the change in temperature whilst up here but later on in the evening I realised that I had got sunburnt on any exposed skin during the march climb

The far right is my next target

I get to another peak and evidence of fellow humans, only once in my frequent trips up here have I ever seen any other climbers and they were not up much from the road. At my campsite they were telling me that on the three day tours day three is a trip up here so perhaps sometime in the future I might meet someone right up here at the top

The flag in the distance, my next stop, one time up here there were four flags at different peaks but now only one remains

Umphang in the distance

I dont really need to say that the views from up here are great, but perhaps would have been better early in the morning

The only remaining flag

Wow I can see the road again

Now its time to start descending again

A backward glance

Shit I have just walked down from there

At last the road, now I only have to walk the 2.6 km back to where I left the bike

Its so much easier looking up at it whilst walking on the road

Finally the bike comes into view

Well its been a fun day if a bit sweaty, I walked 2.6 km on tarmac and a bit more on the top as I walked out to a further peak plus the getting up and down, at least 7 km I reckon today, not bad. I now go back to Umphang for a well deserved and needed massage

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