Nov 252009

The route 1090

Total distance, riding 78 km walking about 10 km

I was in town by 8am this morning to get an early breakfast

Not too busy around these parts

I eat at Khun Tom opposite the Palace Nilomon

A photo especially for you Franz, me about to eat some Thai food, Moo Hunglay one of the nicest tasting Thai meals when its cooked properly. I have never seen anyone putting coriander on this particular meal so thats a bonus, this restaurant opens at 6am so if you get here early the foods hot, this one was hot in both senses of the word and tasted delicious

Time to set off and believe me its rather chilly at 9 am

Time to park the bike up and start climbing, its now 9.15 and still rather cool but I imagine that the climb will soon raise my temperature

The first objectives

Now for the next hill and this ones a serious increase in the heartbeat rate

The hardest part is over and the next hill is a lot easier to reach

To say the scenery up here is awesome goes without saying, I feel like I am on the top of the world

Umphang on close up

At normal distance

The final hill

The advantage of a timer on a digital camera

Time to make the descent

I am totally shocked to see another living person up here

I reach the road and walk about 3km back to where I left the bike and reach it at 13.45, four and a half hours of climbing and walking, I should certainly sleep well tonight

Time to relax now and ride to Pa La Tha

Unless my memory is going I dont remember this nice new piece of tarmac along here, unlike yesterdays ride to Poeng Kloeng todays is on a decent road all the way

A couple of km past Pa La Tha and the surface finishes

The puppies enjoying their meal

Yesterday it was the village of the cigar smoking women, todays its the pipe smoking women

Time to ride back to Umphang

I ride back, get my oil changed in Umphang then eat at Dotcom, hopefully I might have shown that theres a little more to do in Umphang than simply ride here and straight back home again

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  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed it Timmy

  2. Hello.This post was really interesting, especially since I was looking for thoughts on this issue last Saturday.

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