Nov 262009

The route 1090, 4017

Total distance 196 km

A 10am start and its just about the right temperature

A great fun road in both directions

Absolutely loads of these along this fun road

Whilst stopped for this photo three big bikes come along going to Umphang

David and Mia,Marco and Peter Dougall turn up, they stop and we chat for a few minutes then we carry on in different directions

At Ban Romklao I take a right along the 4017

This road is tarmac for 4.5 km

Then turns to dirt, I ride for 1.5 km to the top of a hill but its still only a dirt road in the distance and I turn around and ride back

Back on the 1090 and back to Mae Sot

Lasagna and garlic bread at SP Kitchen tonight for 105 Baht

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