Jan 292008
I headed out of Umphang on the 1167 for a few kms then took the left, the 1288

Where the surface is intact this is a nice ride but unfortunately it goes from good to crap quite a few times

This ride has good scenery all the way though to make up for it

I bet the road was blocked here for a while though

When I left Umphang the sign said Mae Chan 37 km but its then another 48 km to the end of the road at the Burmese border

I come to Ban Poeng Kloeng and here the road finishes at the Burmese border

The guards let me walk into the Burmese village but as I walk to the other end the Burmese soldiers say better go back to Thailand, then the Thai soldier who let me through comes along a few minutes later and says to return to Thailand. I thought this is strange as last year there was none of this and I stayed there for about an hour

Back in Thailand again

I was telling the Thai lady at whose restaurant I eat at about my trip (and yes I can get her to cook western food for me here) and she said the same thing about being told to return by the Burmese soldiers, apparently its been like this since the recent troubles

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