Nov 242009

The route 1090, 1167, 1288

Total distance 204 km

7.15am this morning and its a foggy and cold start to the day here in Umphang, I couldnt help but smile at the Thai tourists from Bangkok dressed right up but still shivering. Umphang has to be about the most peaceful village in Thailand, I got back to my room at about 9.30pm last night and everyone was in bed, no discos,bars,karaoke,loud mouthed bargirls or any other noisy things around here, and what a great nights sleep with no traffic either

I take the 1090 north for about four km then take a left onto the 1167

I take a left onto the 1288 and its still low cloud in places

Its starting to warm up and its a reasonable road surface to start with

There are lots of potholes along this road with some bad sections that last a long time

The scenery is very pleasant its a shame that the road isnt up to the same quality

I reach Ban Poeng Kloeng and the Burmese border about eighty km from Umphang and get permission to walk around the small Burmese village

Wow a front numberplate

Same goods on sale and I buy a couple of bags of fried broad beans, five Baht each the same as Thailand

The cigar in her mouth made me smile

Not very ladylike

Time to get back to Thailand

I guess the house is eleven years old then

This newish house looks impressive

Compared to the next door neighbours

Time for the ride back

Where the roads in good condition its a very pleasant ride, I have ridden this road a few times over the years but its never been a good surface from start to finish

I ride back to the 1167 and take a left to ride to the other Burmese border around here

The end of the road and thats Burma where the kids are walking out from

The rest of the family emerge and away they all go

Its past 1700 hours and time to go and find some food, I read in someones recent post that its a great ride to Umphang but once there that theres nothing to do. I beg to disagree on that point and can happily spend a few days here riding around

Food was at Dotcom the same as last night but chicken tonight in the place of pork, I dont want to eat the same thing night after night now do I

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