Aug 272012

A few 2 strokes to start off with from wednesday evening ride outs

Back in the 70s all mopeds had to have pedals


The Suzuki 250 X7 which was apparently faster than the old GT 250 that it replaced


A lot of peoples favourite, the Kettle, as it was affectionately known

Another 1975/76 bike

A very non standard rear disc brake and mag wheels

A Honda 750 F2 I believe

I have never seen this particular model before

A dry sunny day yesterday on bank holiday sunday and a ride out was enjoyed

Going through a village I saw a sign for a vintage event and decided to go for a look, I was certainly glad that I did

That top box just looks so out of place to me

Away he goes

This guy was getting well stuck in

A good old bit of 2 stroke smoke being emitted there

I started my bricklaying apprenticeship on 10th june 1974 and we had a mixer identical to this one (its probably the same one)

I remember being told to keep the water topped up in the open tank but these were very soon replaced by air cooled ones

This was a fantastic happen upon event that I had no idea was on. I was just fortunate enough to be riding through the right village on the right day and hopefully you will enoy this event through these photos almost as much as I did by actually being there

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