Dec 232010

The route 210, 2315, 4019, 4022, 2146, 4013, 4014, 2015, Hwy 12, 2038, 2133, 3175, 4006, 3002

Total distance 330 km

I took the 210 heading west out of town then after about 30 km it was a left onto the 2315, along here I spot this quite impressive entrance

Not such a good picture from the other side

The road becomes the 4019 and at N17.04.869 E102.34.785 I take a right onto an unnumbered road that later becomes the 4022

4 km later at N17.03.158 E102.33.827 I stop at the temple on the hill thats under construction

Evidence of more work going on

Good views from up here

This cat befriends me straight away and follows me around

Then the pups arrive on the scene

The mother doesnt appear to be in the best of moods

Time to look around inside and theres some work been done since my last visit here

Upstairs looks even better

They obviously dont want the donations stolen

A bit further along the 4022, I reach the 2146 at N16.59.311 E102.33.663 after 12.9 km of the 4022

Today after 13 months of totally trouble free holiday riding I reached this mileage

Now I have a new bike again

Along the 2146 and a good road with some bends

The Ubonrat reservoir is the fullest that I have ever seen it

Normally these trees are well out of the water, at the dam it looks just over 1 metre below capacity

Along the twisty 4014 that runs from the dam south to hwy 12

In some of the places along the road much more than 1 metre of water would submerge the road

Some seriously good bends along this road

I take a right onto the 2015 then its hwy 12 for a few km then a boring stretch along the 2038 followed by a spell on the 2133 before turning right onto the 3175 at N16.48.981 E102.19.820.
This is asphalt for 2.5 km until N16.49.744 E102.20.437 then its unpaved for 1.4 km until N16.50.360 E102.20.731 then its this nice new shiny surface for a while

I reach the 4006 at N16.50.949 E102.21.358 after 5.7 km of the 3175, here I turn right and soon come to the sharpest corner that I know of on a flat road

While I am stopped and poring over my map these friendly youngsters turn up and happily pose for a photo

I take a right onto the 3002 and ride to Non Sang where the water level is really high up completely covering the fields that were visible in february

The same place in february

I ride back to Udon and enjoy a lovely homemade mince beef and onion pie with homefries at the Irish Clock for 160 Baht but I foolishly left my camera in my room so no photo.
Get the gdb file here …

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