Jan 302010

The route 210, 228, 2146, 2109, 4014, 2015, Hwy 12, 2017, 2062, 1011, Hwy 2, 230, 209, 2183, 2039, Unknown, 2152, 2231, 2023, Hwy 2

Total distance 426 km

I took the 210 out of Udon as far as Nong Bua Lam Phu, this is just a highway thats of no special joy to ride as far as I am concerned. Here I take a left onto the 228 and a few km later its a left onto the 2146

Plenty of rice growing along here

Theres some decent bends along this road

Apart from where the new rice was growing its pretty dry along here

I reach the edge of the Ubonrat reservoir

Just before the dam the road becomes the 2109, I dont bother visiting the dam today and just past the dam entrance I take a right onto the 4014

This is a lovely road that I have never been on before, it runs next to the reservoir a lot and this brings the temperature down considerably which is nice as its a lot hotter out here in Isaan right now

A brilliant bendy road, good scenery plus a cool breeze, what more could I ask for

At the 4014s end I take a left onto the 2015 which runs to hwy 12, here I take a left and ride to Ban Fang. At Ban Fang I ride through then do a U turn and take a left onto the 2017 to ride to Phra Yuen, I reach the 2062 four km south of Phra Yuen so I take a left and ride there

At Phra Yuen I take a right onto the 1011 to ride to Ban Nong Bua De Mi to see if one of my workmates from the UK is over at the moment

This is another pleasant twisty road

The river just before the village where my mate likes to go fishing, I see lots of Thais fishing rods out today. My mates still in the UK so I am told when I enquire at his Mother In Laws shop. I take hwy 2 towards Khon Kaen then the 230 east before taking the 209 towards Kalasin

After a few km its a left onto the 2182 and another road that I am riding for the first time today. At its end I turn right onto the 2039 and ride towards Kranuan, twelve km before Kranuan my map shows a minor road heading north and joining the 2152 thus cutting off going as far as Kranuan. I turn left onto this unnumbered road and after a few potholes to start with its not a bad surface but after about eighteen km the road finishes.

I dont really want to ride back so ask in a village how to get to Si That which is on my Thinknet map, one of the great things about Thinknet maps is that they are bilingual so as long as I can find someone to read the pronounciation is not a problem. I am pointed down a dirt track which comes to another asphalt road and again finishes in another village. Here again I am pointed in the right direction down some more dirt tracks and finally I reach another village where its now a concrete road and I am given directions to the 2152 which I turn left onto and thankfully ride on. The light is rapidly fading now so its just a straight ride home, first taking a left onto the 2231 and at the roads end a left onto the 2023 which takes me through Kumphawapi to hwy 2 where I turn right and ride home

Its an eat all you can buffet at Zap Restaurant tonight

Beef, Pork and chicken steaks here, they used to have T bones as well but that seems to have finished now

You pick your steaks out and they cook them for you

A big selection of other foods as well

Ice cream is included here in the buffet for 129 Baht and your guaranteed to go home full

As I am leaving the elephant arrives and these kids are feeding it


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