Nov 262007
I left Udon on highway 2 heading south then took the turning to Kumphawapi and then stayed on the 2023 towards Si That

Before Si That I take a right onto the 2231

Sugar cane country again

I reach a T junction which is the 2152 and its a right turn

At Kranuan crossroads its a left onto the 2110 which takes me to the 209

Plenty of trees and a few bends here

Its a left onto the 209

I reach a crossroads and remember theres a 7-11 here so its a quick break then its on over the crossroads on the 2116

Quite why the Union Jack is on this combine harvester I dont know

I come to a crossroads and take a right onto the 214

Sexual equality Asian style, its a bit different back in the UK where women expect the same money for doing the easy jobs, here they have to earn their money properly by doing the same hard work

I reach the ring road at Roi Et and head clockwise taking the 5th exit the 2043

Nothing but rice from now on

After Phanom Phrai the road becomes the 2227

I reach a T junction with the 2083 and take a right

After about 3 km its a left onto the 2351 to Kho Wang

At Kho Wang its a right onto an unnumbered road, this road is seriously pot holed for the first 2 km after that its okay. About halfway along its length the blue sign with the number 2168 appears but opposite it the blue sign says 4045 for the section that I have just rode. Perhaps its a province boundary halfway along it otherwise its a bit strange changing a short roads number halfway especially coinsidering there are no towns or anything along it

I reach a crossroads and its straight across onto the 2373 which takes me straight into Si Saket. 380 km today and a very enjoyable ride on decent roads apart from the 2 km stretch which I cant complain about. I check into the Sisaket Hotel and only get asked for 100 Baht instead of the usual 150, I realise that I have been paying the extra because my rooms on previous occasions had a tv in them, I didnt realise that was an extra, as I dont have a tv in my house in England and I certainly dont come here to to watch the crap they put on, a tv in my room is definitely not a priority

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