Feb 102010

The route Hwy 22, 2007, unknown, 2015, 2350, 2023, 2393, 227, 2218, 213

Total distance 287 km

There is no interest for me whatsoever in riding from Udon To Sakon Nakhon along hwy 22, I took it out of town until I went past the km 27 marker then did a U turn and took a left onto the 2007

This is great after that infernal highway and cuts a corner off the journey

I ride along the 2007 for six km

Then in a village I take a left onto an unnumbered road

After 3.2 km I reach a crossroads, straight across was the preferred choice on my map but as its a narrow unsurfaced road I take the right

After five km this turns to unsurfaced but its only a few km to the 2015 so not a problem even with all my luggage on the bike

Its easy going and pleasant too

Three km later and its back to asphalt and 600 metres later I reach the 2015 and turn left onto it

At the junction with the 2350 I do a right and ride on enjoying this pleasant road until I reach the 2023

I take a left onto the 2023

Then veer off to the left on he 2393

Always a pleasure riding along here and now the resurfacing has had a few more days to settle down its a more pleasant surface to ride on

A little bit of loose debris on the left along here but a lot cleaner than a few days ago

I reach the 227 and take a left onto it

Another one thats always fun to ride

Just before Waritchaphum I take a right onto the 2218

This takes me to the 213 where I turn left

This must be some special curve ahead if it has its own sign

This curve is awesome, its a real work of art

It took a long stop to get all these pictures as I didnt want any of them spoilt by having tin boxes in them

A bit further on and theres another set of good bends

I have never used this section of the 213 before and never imagined that it was this beautiful, from here I ride on in to Sakon Nakhon

I check in at the Krongthong Hotel the same as last year, the rate has now risen from 120 Baht to 150 Baht per night

Standard cheapy, bed, toilet and shower, cold water only

Parking in the hotel here

I go to look for the same restaurant that I ate in last year but its moved to a larger premise

The menu looks the same though, unfortunately the owners are in Bangkok now and the food wasnt as good

I order spaghetti bolognaise and end up with this crap which soon gets sent back

This was their second effort which was edible and I did eat and only 49 Baht, he seemed to think that I was going to pay for the first one but didnt argue when I refused. Hopefully tomorrows meal will be better or should I give it a miss and just go to KFC? at least I know what to expect there

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  1. I’ve never been able to find Ruam Chit Chai or google earth. I wish I could remember the name of the small village that was just down the road from the front gate of the camp.  I’m sure there aren’t even very many people still living in Sakon Nakhon that even remember us being there 40 plus years ago.   I have heard the only thing still there from the Army camp days is the swimming pool. 

  2. I am trying to find ruam chit chai can you point it out on google maps I’ll send you some pictures

  3. I was with the 590th

    supply & Service Co Out of Korat We Put in a blatter tank for diesel and one for mogas in 68 or 69.Thats the boonies up there. Quite a adventure but i was glad to get back to Korat.

  4. Thank you for the comments Jim, glad you enjoyed the memories and yes it is great riding out there

  5. Some FANTASTIC pictures.  It brought back memories of how pretty the country was when I was there.
    I was with the 809th Engr. Bn. stationed at Camp Ruam Chit Chai just outside Sakon Nakhon back in 1970.  Many of the detailed memories have long gone, but I think the camp was located on 223.  I wish I could visit the area again to see if anything still exists from those days.  Unfortunately, that trip will probably never happen.
    I sure remember how friendly the Thai people were.  I would take some of the local people who worked for me (I was the Asst. Mgr. of the EM Club) to Sakon Nakhon on my one night off.  We would go to the restaurants frequented by the local people…true Thai food!!!!  Of course, I usually had no idea what I was eating, but what fun.

    Thanks for the memories!

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