Apr 102009

The route Hwy 2, 2023, 2231, 2152, 2110, 209, 2116, 214, 2043, 2227, 2083, 2168, 2373

Total distance 380 km

A cooler more pleasant riding temperature today and I was away by 8 am

Todays roads were pretty much all flat and not many bends but at least they are all in perfect condition

A small rollercoaster on this one

A nice shady place to stop for a break, I still feel under the weather from whatever I picked up but as the day wears on its getting a lot more comfortable in the stomach

Theres a nice long rice field section and it brings the temperature down a few degrees

The restaurant is out of the water now

This is what it looked like on the 28th november

The river today with kids walking across it

28th november

Its off to Livin In The Past, German Franks restaurant for food tonight. This is the first food that I have eaten for 48 hours and although I am a naturally greedy bastard who can eat lots, tonight I struggled to finish it, all this for 180 Baht

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