Feb 012010

The route 2263, 2097, 2352, Unknown, 2348, 4023, Unknown, 2352, 2097, Unknown, Unknown, 2021, 4018, Unknown, 3001

Total distance 283 km

I took the 2263 out of town heading towards Kut Chap, it took a while to get this picture of a clear road as its quite busy along here

A good section of new tarmac was very much appreciated

Whilst I am stopped to take a photo this chap glides to a stop by me and he has run out of petrol. I take him to a fuel stop a few kms further on where he buys this bottle of benzine, having run out of fuel a few times myself in Thailand I have always been given help and its nice to repay the favour. In my country you would be lucky if you got more than a sarcastic comment in the same situation

The road narrows but remains asphalt right to the 2097 despite being a red line on my map

I turn left onto the 2097 and this statue is at the junction

The 2097 starts off with a few bends and is a good surface

After about five km I take a right onto the 2352 and ride to Suwan Khuka where this photo was taken

The road deteriorates after Suwan Khukaand has no number on the km markers

I stop in Ban Hin Hao and its school lunch time

This youngster was happy in her cardboard box

Then this friendly little puppy comes along

From Ban Hin Hao the road is a bit of a rough dirt track for about one km then its been prepared for asphalt but no sign of it arriving yet

After four km its back to an asphalt surface for a while then its rough going until I reach the 2348 five km east of Nam Son despite my map showing the road going into Nam Son. I turn left onto the 2348 and ride the five km into Nam Son

Here I take a left onto the 4023 which is the road that I thought that I was on

The dog just gets its head in on the first photo

Then the rest of the body apart from the head on the second photo

The asphalt surface which was getting potholed has now finished and its a dirt road again

I cant grumble about the scenery though, I stop a few times in various villages where there are multiple directions to go in and each time once the bilingual Thinknet map is produced I am pointed in the right direction

I come to this fine road which takes me back into Suwan Khuka, so a pleasant loop and I now know where I am

I am now back on the 2352 and riding back to the 2097

At the 2097 I take a left and ride on for a few km to try out some more new roads

After about fifteen km on the 2097 I take a right onto another unnumbered road

Along here there are lots of these makeshift homes

Lots of friendly people here too, that tubby kid must put the burgers away

As always the friendly puppy arrives

I carry on and its a nice twisty road along here

Another salt place around here

I ride on and come to a T junction, here I take a left and its another unnumbered road which takes me to the 2021 where I take a right

After about four km I take a right onto the 4018 which is a very quiet pleasant road

Five km before Kut Chap I take a left onto an unnumbered road thats a bit potholed in places and leads to the 3001 which takes me back to Udon. Most of todays ride was on totally new roads for me which makes it more interesting

It was Mojos for tonights meal, I was looking forward to fish&chips but upon asking where the fish came from and being told the Mekong I declined it, if fish doesnt come from the sea its not edible in my book, certainly not with chips anyway

My first ever time in here and I was very impressed with the friendliness of the staff and some of the regular expats who were happy to chat

I see ribs are on the menu and since Nongs Ribs closed here in Udon I have been mourning its closure, with this delicious meal I need mourn no more

I knew something was missing, the spare rib sauce, a truly delicious filling meal for 180 Baht

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