Mar 022008
The route 2, 2023, 2231, 2152, 2237, 208, 2, 2228, 23, 2301, 207, 202, 2081, 219, 2378, 4026

Total distance 435 km

I left Udon heading south on highway 2 to go to Khon Kaen to hopefully see a workmate from England, I hate highway 2 with a passion so decided to take a much different route. I had to stay on it for 33 km of boredom but then turned left onto the 2023 through to Kumphawapi, then a few km further on where the road forks I took the right staying on the 2023.
After a while the 2023 bears around to the left for Si That and I take the right onto the 2231, I come to a T junction and turn right onto the 2152 and ride to Kranuan. A t the crossroads I do a left for about 200 metres then its a right and still on the 2152, this is a new road for me

I have got to start getting used to flat roads being the norm again now after being spoilt by 10 days riding in Nan province

This is a decent enough road, its in very good condition

I come to the crossroads with the 209 and go straight over and now I am on the 2237 which I stay on until I reach the 208, here I turn right and at its junction with highway 2 my friends house is about 0.5 km away, sods law he has gone back to England already the poor bastard.
I get back on the tediously boring highway 2 and ride south getting off to turn left onto the 2228 for Ban Phai, then its east on the 23 for about 12 km then right onto the 2301 to the junction with the 207. I turn left onto the 207 and stay on it until the junction with the 202, here its another left and just outside Phutthaisong I take the 2081

This is another new road for me and a pleasant ride this one is as well, not many bends today but at least the road surface is very good and I dont thimk I hit a pothole all day

I come to a crossroads with the 219 and turn right and ride into Satuek, I ride on for another 5 km then its a left onto the 2378 and about 25 km before Chom Phra I turn right onto the 4026 which takes me right in to Surin, funnily enough this road goes right past my guest house so no need to actually go into the city until I need to eat.
Its time to eat so straight to Farang Connection at the bus station, this place is well known for its good food and a lovely plate of ham, eggs, chips and beans was consumed there.
Well it was a funny route that I took today between these two cities but when I left Udon this morning I really had no idea where I was going to be staying tonight

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  1. Hi Colin, thanks for your prompt reply! I’m lucky that you’re online tonight. :)  You’re right, and thanks for the advice – a trip from Vientiane to Udon Thani to Khon Kaen to Buriram/Surin is doable in a day, but it depends on the waiting times in between bus rides.  I was thinking of cutting the trip at Khon Kaen if I reach it late in the day already.  Or is there a town/city midpoint between Khon Kaen and Surin that I can spend the night in, with decent guesthouses?  Re: Pirom’s House, I’ve seen it on travelfish, but I don’t plan to go there since as you said, it’s out of the way, and I prefer somewhere central.  Re: the Kap Choeng border, have you crossed that? Was it painful/painless?  Are there minivans/buses or tuktuks at the Camb side of the border which can bring me to Siem Reap, or a town/city midway from the border to SR?  Re: visas, as a Filipina, I know that I don’t need a visa, but all the blogs I’ve read report of the corruption among the border officials.  Do you think they’ll ask for a bribe/visa from me, or will my passport be stamped easily, just like what happens when I cross borders via air travel?  Thanks again. :) 

  2. Hi Colin, thanks for the prompt reply! I’m lucky that you’re online tonight. :)  Yeah, judging by travel times alone, Vientiane to Udon Thani to Khon Kaen to Surin is doable in a day, but it really depends on the waiting times in between bus rides.  I was planning to cut the trip and spend the night in Khon Kaen – if it’s late already during the day, then I might do that.  As a lone female, I’m a bit wary of traveling when it’s dark already.  Is there any city/town midpoint between Khon Kaen and Surin that I can possibly overnight in? (with decent guesthouses?)  If yes, can you name the town/city and the guesthouse?  Another question:  Have you ever crossed the Kap Choeng border? Or do you know if there are buses/minivans/tuktuks at the Camb side of the border, which can take me to a town, or city?  And how much is the cost? My eventual goal is Siem Reap.   Re: the border crossing, I’m Filipina, and I know that I don’t need a border for Cambodia (being part of the ASEAN treaty) but all the blogs say that the border officials are corrupt.  Do you think the Camb border people will ask me for a bribe or visa even if I don’t need one? Or will my passport be stamped easily, just like what happens when I cross country via airports?  

  3. Hi Katie

    In Buriram I have only stayed at Chai Charoen Hotel right next to the train station, its just a standard cheapie but clean enough or at least it was when I was last therethree years ago.

    in Surin I stayed at Pirom’s House but its a bit out of town and you will need a Lonely Planet or other guide book to read about it.

    Both places are okay to stay in.

    As for doing it in one day I guess it depends on how long you wait for your buses.

    Good luck with the trip


  4. Hi Colin, I’m new to your blog.  I saw it as I was searching for a route from Udon Thani to the Thai-Cambodia border.   Very interesting construction/restoration in the Giant Buddha structure. :)  I’ve a question, and I hope you can help.  Which is better, to spend a night in Buri Ram, or in Surin?  I’ll be doing a whole day trip and I plan to start the day early.  I’ll be coming from Vientiane, cross the Friendship bridge, ride to Udon Thani, bus from UT to Khon Kaen, KK to Buriram or Surin, spend night in either BR or Surin.  Judging from the travel times, it’s possible to do in a single day, but I could be wrong.  Is a trip from Vientiane to BR/Surin doable in a day?  Which is better to overnight in, BR or Surin?  Which has more cheap guesthouses? Could you recommend any good hostel/guesthouse there (in either city)?  I’m looking for a cheap but relatively clean one, and will be an SEAsian female travelling alone.  I look Thai, so I can blend in, and have never been harassed during my solo travels, because I look local.  Fan rooms are okay with me, but squat toilets, not very much (though I could bear it for a night).  The next day, I will be travelling to the Thai/Cambodia border and meet friends in Siem Reap.  I plan to do the Kap Cheong-Osmach border crossing.  Is that a relatively easy/painless crossing, or is it better to use the Poipet crossing?  (and plan a different route?) Any and all information regarding this route (or if my route is all wrong) will be helpful.  I don’t need a visa for either Thailand, Laos or Cambodia.  Thanks and more power to you!

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