Feb 052010

The route Hwy 22, Unknown, 2040, 2007, 2015, 4015, 2350, 2023, 2289, 227, 2041, 213, 2218, 227, 2393, 2023, Hwy 2

Total distance 469 km

I started writing this trip report last night but the big thunderstorm here took the power out so its a day late

I took hwy 22 out of town towards Sakon Nakhon then take a right to ride to Prachak Silapakhom

I ride through a village thnking that this is it but upon reaching the railway line I realise that am not where I thought I was. I ride back and stop and upon producing the trusty Thinknet map I am soon pointed in the right direction

A couple of km later and it turns into a dirt track

Its easy going though and I soon reach the 2040, then its the 2007 which take me through Prachak Silapakhom to the 2015 where turn left onto it

The 201 becoms the 4015 as it widens out then after a few km it narrows and bcomes the 215 again, strange

I reach the 2350 and turn right onto it which brings me to the 2023 just east of Kumphawapi, here I turn left onto it and ride to Wang Sam Mo

At Wang Sam Mo its a right onto the 2289 and theres lots of loose gavel along here as the road is being resurfaced

I reach the 227 and take a right onto it

After a fun ride along the 227 I come to a T junction and take a left onto the 2041 which take me to Somdet

At Somdet I take a left onto the 213 and after a few km from Somdet it is an absolutely brilliant fun road to ride

A great surface and some fantastic bends

Not a lot of traffic on it either

I stop in Phu Phan for a snack and its road widening going on here

A quick ride down to the Nam Phung reservoir

I dont ever remember seeing it this low before

I take the 2218 towards Kut Back

Some good bends along here too

Plus a couple of rollercoasters

I reach the 227 and turn left onto it

These kids have a roadside table selling vegetables

Then the friendly puppy turns up

I take a right onto the great 2393

A nice new surface but theres loose grit on it in places, I ride on merging with the 2023 and riding through Kumphawapi to take hwy 2 back to Udon. I did this trip in the reverse direction to usual today and I didnt find it nearly as enjoyable, perhaps it just flows better in the other direction

I go to T-Js for tonights meal

I have had a lot of English food here in Udon lately so its time for a change, some American food today

A clean air con restaurant

Ray23 told me these are the best burgers in town and he aint wrong I dont think, 65 Baht per cheeseburger and 50 Baht for the fries, 180 Baht and its a good filling meal

Apple pie and ice cream, 50 Baht for the apple pie, and wait for it, only 5 Baht extra for the ice cream

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