Nov 172008

The Route 2410, 2312, 2022, 2096, 2270, 2091, 222, 2307, 2094, 2185, 2346, 22

Total Distance 253km

It was totally new territory for me today once I was on the 2070, I have never been to Sakon Nakhon before and no way was I going to ride there the direct route on the 22

The 2410 out of Udon is a pleasant enough road with some reasonable bends

A well nice section here

This is a shot of the 2270

Pretty flat along here and lots of rice fields

The 2307

Time for a rest and a snack

I saw a lot of this today, in fact I did actually notice in one place a machine was actually doing the harvesting

The 2185

A bend at last

The 2346, todays ride was a pleasant enough experience its just a pity that most of the roads were too straight and flat, at least the roads were all in good condition though. I checked in at the Krong Thong Hotel, 120 Baht a night then went walking around for food, I found a sort of Thai steak house that did a nice cheeseburger and fries for only 69 Baht, its certainly cheap living out here

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