Jan 312010

The route 2410, 2312, 2022, 2329, 212, 2267, 2230, 2096, Unknown, 6022, 4066, 2312, 2410

Total distance 288 km

I take the 2410 out of town heading east

A pleasant road with some good bends along it

At the T junction I take a left onto the 2312 and spot these small statues

A good new surface here and it flows beautifully

The road ahead becomes the 2022 and I ride on towards Phen

The temperature is really picking up now

At Phen I take a right onto the 2329 and ride to Sang Khom and just past here I stop at the Nam Pan Reservoir

My map shows the road could be unmade halfway to the 212, it starts out as asphalt then becomes a narrow concrete road before turning to this paved road for a while

It returns to asphalt but theres a section thats like bomb craters all over the road

I reach the 212, turn right and ride into Phon Phisai, here I notice two Honda shops about 100 metres apart plus another one just around the corner, must be good business in this small town

I see a lot of buildings these days with fake stone/brickwork, certainly a lot more pleasing to the eye than just painted concrete

The Mekong is very wide and slow flowing along here

I take the 2267 to ride towards Fao Rai

At Fao Rai I take a right onto the 2230

This is another very pleasant road and its getting very hot now in the early afternoon

I reach a T junction and here its a right onto the 2096 to ride to Ban Dung, not far along here in a small village all of the buildings seem to be old wooden ones

This shed out in the fields looks like its on its last legs, I reckon next time I ride along here it will have fallen over

Lots of bags of salt for sale along here, perhaps theres a salt mine around these parts

At Ban Dung I stay on the 2096 heading south for about twenty km then take a right onto an unnumbered road that I am hoping will take me to Phibun Rak. As its a small red road on my map it could be made of any surface but its this lovely asphalt to start with

After about fifteen km I stop at a village and although the road has narrowed it is still surfaced

The boys Mother gives the traditional Thai V sign

A narrow concrete road now but thats not a problem

They obviously both use the same dentist

Heading out of the village and its nice and lush where the rice is growing

Its a good surface again and stays like this, I reach a T junction and turn right onto the 6022 then about half a km later the road becomes the 4066. I stop and chat with two Westerners sitting having a beer who both live here in Phibun Rak then its off along the 4066 for about five km until I reach the 2312. I turn left here then a few km later I take a right onto the 2410 and ride back to Udon

Its the Irish Clock for tonights meal and as its a sunday theres a roast available, roast chicken with sage and onion stuffing, roast potatoes, brocolli, cauliflower, yorkshire pudding and gravy for 170 Baht, it was delicious, just like I cook at home, an English delight. Theres also a beef or pork roast for 170 Baht or that vile disgusting muck called lamb for 250 Baht which I wouldnt eat even if it was free

The time

The temperature, its certainly not cold down here

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