Apr 192009

The route Hwy 2, 211, 201, 2154, 4014, 2195, 4014, 2154, 201

Total distance 368 km

I took hwy 2 to Nong Khai and along here is this gigantic km marker, you certainly wouldnt want to crash into this one

The Mekong under the Friendship bridge

The water level is higher than I expected it to be

Heres from 8th march 2008 when its definitely lower

Its the 211 to Chiang Khan and a lovely surfaced road from the Nong Khai end

Some decent bends along here too

No traffic today and the rides perfect

The Mekong just flowing in the middle of this lot

A narrow and I would imagine fast channel there

That boat flies along against the current

The water level today

March 8th 2008 when it was a lot lower

I enjoy a leisurely ride to Chiang Khan and get there at about 13.45, the Tongkhong guest house is all locked up, I phone Ben the owner and she tells me that they have all gone to Loei visiting family for the day and they will be back in the evening. She tells me to wait for ten minutes and her brother will let me in, he turns up, opens up and entrusts me with the keys to the place, trust is a lovely thing to have, as its early I dump my stuff in my room and go out again after locking the place up

I take the 201 for about five km then take a right onto the 2154

At its T junction with the 4014 I turn right and ride to the T junction with the 2195, here I turn right again and less than one km later I take a left still on the 2195 but the one that follows the Lao border

This is a narrow road but apart from a few pot holes here and there its in quite good condition

The Hueang is brown and higher that usual

Lovely and green through here

Ban Nong Phu and the waters brown and flowing fast

Heres what it was like on 10th march 2008, not flowing so fast and clearer

Riding back along the 2195

I ride to Ban Tha Di Mi to go and view the Hueang/Mekong confluence

Notice the brown water in the bottom left hand corner from the Hueang entering the Mekong

I ride back to Chian Khan the way I got here, I mention to my Landlady about the Mekong being higher and she said the levels risen during the last week, maybe the Chinese are sending boats down and need a higher water level

I always eat at Tongkhong guest house, macaroni with pork,onions and mushrooms tonight, 160 Baht as I had a double portion and was it filling, 80 Baht for a single portion

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