Mar 172010

The route Hwy 2, 211

Total distance 248 km

It was hwy 2 straight up to Nong Khai and to the friendship bridge to check on the Mekongs water level

In november I have seen the water level up on the main pillars and at other times at various levels on the wider concrete part but today is the first time that I have ever seen the wider concrete part completely out of the water

I wonder if its shallow enough to walk across now

A few km further up river and its a narrow flow here

Plenty of sand being excavated on the Lao side

A great ride as always along the 211 on a much cooler day

Lots of sandbanks all the way

A good surface, next to no traffic and the Mekong to my right make a fantastic combination

The good old rollercoaster section

From here it just looks like a dried up river bed, I cant see the water out in the middle

A bit further along and its back in view

I stop at my usual viewpoint for some photos

The top of the concrete marker in the middle of the photo is only just visible in november now its well out of the water

I walk out to the middle of the Mekong, the sand is very hot to walk on

Look at that bubbling cauldron of raw power, no swimmers in there thats for sure

This is the total flow and I wonder how deep it is

Not the safest of places to be

Typical I walk back to the road then these two boats come along so its zoom time

Its pretty slow going for them along that section

The view down river

A few km further and the water has disappeared from view again

Then it returns again

I am seriously neglecting the road shots today, a narrower road now but still good fun

The bed of the Mekong is now a sea of greenery

I reach Chiang Khan and this is a shot up river from my guest house

Looking down river

Plenty of boats and people out on the sandbanks

I reckon all that water has affected my appetite tonight and I plump for a large chicken massaman with rice for 150 Baht at my guest house

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  1. hi Colin
    usual nice report. have you stayed in nong khai? recommendations?

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