Feb 042010

The route 210, 228, 201, 6017, 2187, Hwy 12, 2038, 228, 210

Total distance 377 km

I took the 210 out to Nong Bua Lam Phu then the 228 to Chum Phae, this is a mainly well surfaced road with a bit of resurfacing work going on in places

At Chum Phae I take a left onto hwy 12 for about half a km then take a right onto the 201, this is one busy road with lots of sugarcane lorries using it

At Phu Khiao I take a left onto the 6017 and enjoy this narrow quiet road

This road brings me back to the 2187 at Ban Thaen

The 2187 was busy with lorries so no pictures, at hwy 12 I turn left and about four km later I take a right onto the 2038, this road isnt being widened its being turned into a dual carriageway, running parallel with hwy 2 and nearly as busy

After Phu Wiang it all calms down and its a much more relaxed pleasant ride although todays trip isnt exactly the most exciting one that I have ever done and I have no plans to ever repeat this exact journey again

Theres certainly not much flow in this river

I ride on and when I reach the 228 I turn right onto it and ride back to Nong Bua Lam Phu then onto Udon

Fish&chips at the Irish Clock tonight for 160 Baht it was great and its proper white snpper not some cheap river fish

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  1. capt, just wanna know from chom phae to sukhothai n proceed to phu chi fa how’s the road condition.
    am goin there sometimes in december . tq 

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