Feb 062010

The route 210, 2315, 4019, 2315, 210, 2146, 6002, 3003, 210

Total distance 323 km

It was a lovely fresh morning after last nights long storm and heavy rain, I took the 210 out of town then took a left onto the 2315

Thats gotta be one of the biggest teddy bears that I have ever seen

South of Nong Wau So the road becomes the 4109 and the storm reached out here going by the puddles

Thats looking a bit decrepit

The bridge is definitely past its sell by date

It turns into a nice road and my map shows that I can reach Non Sang this way although some of it may be on unmade

I am told that Non Sang is this way

Its easy going so no problems

After a couple of km I reach asphalt but it soon goes in the wrong direction and I end up back in a village that I just came through. I am given different directions by different people, I want Non Sang and I think some of them think I want Nong Saeng even though the map is bilingual and I point to where I want to go. I give it another go but end up doing a long loop and finishing up just south of Nong Wau So where I had earlier stopped to take a picture. Oh well some days it just wasnt meant to happen, I back track to the 210 and turn left and ride to Nong Bua Lam Phu where I get on the 2146 for Non Sang

I stop for a snack and the owners dog soon comes out to join me

I reach Non Sang and the sky is looking like lots of rain ahead

I take the 6002 for Si Bun Rueang and as I stop here I see that everywhere is very wet from last nights rain even this far away from Udon Thani

About two km further on it starts raining and I decide to wait a bit

I make the correct decision as its another thunderstorm and its really raining hard now and looks like its here to stay. I wait about thirty minutes then when I am resigned to riding 100+km in it I can see that it should soon blow over, another ten minutes and its stopped raining

The roads are soaked but I am dry and warm

These ducks appear to be enjoying themselves

Just what I dont need, dirt and soaking wet too, but its not too bad if taking it easy

I come to a bridge and this truck looks a bit strange


Hes gonna need some help to get out of there

Now it is tricky going, the bikes sliding all over the place

After 1.5 km its back to asphalt

A few km further and the roads are dry again

Very green along here, and with the recent rain the greenery should spread

I take a right onto the 3003 that goes back to Nong Bua Lam Phu, its alright in sections but badly potholed in others and not a particularly nice road for big heavy road bikes. If I do this loop again I will stay on the 6002 to Si Bun Rueang then take the 228 back

Chicken jalfriezi and rice tonight at the Irish Clock for 180 Baht, it was nice too

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