Feb 072010

The route Hwy 22, 2040, 2007, 2015, 2350, Hwy 2, 2316, 210

Total distance 167 km

I was determined to find the right road to Prachak Silapakhom so I tried again today, I took hwy 22 out of town and after about twelve km took a right onto the 2040 and some bends to start with

Lots of water around now from the recent storms

Its a good road for the first five km

Then I come to the obligatory unsurfaced section

But only for 1.2 km then its the good surface again which takes me through Prachak Silapakhom. I join the 2007 taking the right fork and ride on until I meet the 2015, here its a left and this takes me to the 2350. I turn right and ride on meeting the 2023 just east of Kumphawapi, here I turn right and ride on through Kumphawapi until I reach hwy 2

I turn left and ride along hwy 2 for about eight km then take a right onto the 2316 and a quieter more pleasant road

The shutter doesnt appear to have fully opened on this picture

Theres a few of these animals along here and they are all tethered to keep them out of the road, a good idea

The 2316 is a very pleasant road indeed, better scenery than most plus some good bends and a good surface

Lots of rubber trees along this road

North of Nong Saeng I stop at the reservoir

From a distance it looked like the water was well down but up close thats not the case and its only about one metre below capacity

Plenty of these swooping bends along here and a good short loop out from Udon Thani. Upon reaching the 210 I turn right and ride home

I went to Mojos for the carvery or buffet sunday roast

Beef, pork, roast potatoes, brocolli, cauliflower and a Yorkshire pudding

I went back for a second helping and had chicken and pork this time, 190 Baht for all you can eat including soup and salad. Every sunday between 12.00-16.00 hours

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